Travis McCoy Premieres Solo Track To Support HIV/AIDS Activists


Travis McCoy premiered a new solo track titled “One at a Time” Wednesday night at a charity event in New York City’s Lower East Side. The single is meant to reflect Travis’ time spent touring the globe with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation — a nonprofit organization that aims to support young people working to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in their community.




As Gym Class Heroes frontman traveled to South Africa, India and the Philippines, meeting young HIV/AIDS activists, he was encouraged to put his experience to music.


“That was kind of the catch of the trip,” Travis told MTV News. “I had to write a song that encompassed everything I saw and felt on the trip … and also gives the listener an idea of what they can do.”


“One at a Time” showcases a more serious and contemplative side we don’t often get to see from McCoy. When asked about a specific message in the new track, Travis started reciting some of the lines: “I feel like my generation complains about things we don’t have/ But if you think about it, we ain’t got it so bad / Trust me, I know bad, and I’ve met worse / And it’d be so sad to sit and let it get worse.”


McCoy’s experiences abroad are also being turned into a documentary, “Travis McCoy’s Unbeaten Track,” which will air on MTV networks around the world on World AIDS Day, December 1. Talking to the singer, it’s clear that he is proud of the film, and hopes that viewers will tune in and gain something from seeing the work of the many young people he met.


“If there was one thing I would want people to take away from my experiences with this documentary, just educate yourself and be aware,” he said. “You know, awareness is the key to knowing what’s going on, for one, and also finding out what you can do to help the situation.”


You can find out more about Travis’ trip at TheUnbeatenTrack.com, and the charity single will be available as a digital download on iTunes starting on December 1. All proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the projects supported by the Staying Alive Foundation.












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