Can mosquitoes transmit HIV?

From the Examiner:

I was at a cookout/welcome home party for a friend of mine last weekend and I was practically eaten alive by mosquitoes. It was bad enough to suffer the misery and indignation of being savaged by the little devils. But on top of that I wondered, could these uninvited and bitey guests be giving me more than just a hard time? Is it possible for a dastardly mosquito to transmit AIDS or hepatitis?            


AIDS and certain types of hepatitis are transmitted through contact with blood. As we all know, mosquitoes like to harvest the crimson stuff. However, they do not spread a prior victim’s blood to other organisms. Mosquitoes do however spread their saliva to their mobile munchies. From that witch’s brew, it is possible to contract West Nile Virus, malaria or any number of other nasty afflictions. Here in New York State the only disease we need to worry about is West Nile, which though quite rare, can be very serious. And we are all very lucky in that we need not worry about contracting the HIV or hepatitis viruses from the airborne insect.


To be honest I have been trying to find out if mosquitoes can transmit rabies, but have not been able to discern the answer. I welcome knowledgeable commenters to share their thoughts, or might I suggest it as a researchable topic for scientist or students.  


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