Big Tigger to host HIV awareness event

Big Tigger, former “Rap City” host and radio personality, is hoping to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and funds through his 8th annual Celebrity Classic in Washington, D.C. from June 5 to June 6.


Big Tigger’s Celebrity Classic hopes to raise funds for HIV/AIDS Awareness.

Held in D.C. for the past few years, the Celebrity Classic has been a major success every year bringing in about 25,000 people for the weekend festivities.

“Big Tigger is without a doubt a celebrity role model.  Not only does he use his celebrity to help young people address difficult issues like HIV/AIDS, but he is a perfect example of how other celebrities can use their power,” Phill Wilson, President and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, explained in a statement.

New studies show that the number of HIV infections for African Americans is steadily rising and the Center For Disease Control (CDC) reports that 75 percent of new HIV infections are caused by people who don’t know they are HIV positive.

“More people are living with HIV and AIDS today than ever before,” said Big Tigger in a statement. “It saddens me to know that in the United States, the most powerful country in the world, the HIV infection rates are as bad if not worse than in third world countries. We need to educate everyone about the HIV virus and get as many people tested as we can because most HIV infections are transmitted by people who don’t know their status.”

Celebrities who have taken part in Big Tigger’s Celebrity Classic include actor Idris Elba, rapper Ludacris, singer D. Woods, and more.

For more information and a list of scheduled events visit www.bigtigweekend.net.


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